A note from the iZōsh International President

iZōsh® Chapter Events Impact Globally!

Since the creation of iZōsh Chapters, I have watched Chapter Leaders creating excellent, engaging, informative, compassionate iZōsh Events. The women who make up our Chapter leadership teams are truly dedicated to empowering women living in extreme poverty while educating all women about the difference a microloan will make for a woman. I also see how the compassion of empowering women globally is contagious in the Chapter’s local community. It is a beautiful thing to see!

A Thank You to Our iZōsh® International Board Members
Along with announcing our Chapters’ upcoming Events in the newsletter below, I’d like to address iZōsh International board members. On the iZōsh International board we have Voting Members and Visionary Members. I want to take a moment and highlight the Voting Board members of iZōsh International- women who deserve to be mentioned specifically for their talent, expertise, and dynamic contributions. 

I have been encouraged by our Voting Board Members’ long-serving steadfastness to the mission of iZōsh International through a pandemic and even during the loss of an iZōsh Church Chapter. Each of them has unique gifts and are truly dedicated to empowering women living in extreme poverty! It is my honor to serve with these dynamic women. 

Thank you to: Peace Beattie, Rachel Brock, Karen Peach, and Leslie Wilkins! 

Happy Fall iZōsh Events!

Robin Phillips, President
iZōsh International 

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