A Note from the iZōsh International President

We are excited to have published our very first iZōsh International newsletter as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the birth of iZōsh, Women Investing in Women! You can download the full first issue below. I would encourage you to give it a read.

In the past ten years we have grown and changed, but the mission of iZōsh International has stayed the same. I couldn’t be more excited about the many ways that together we have been able to empower women living in extreme poverty! Joy springs from Chapter leadership at every single iZōsh Event and it is contagious to all in attendance! It’s a joy that fuels us to do more, which then provides empowerment and joy to the women in extreme poverty, and it goes on and on. What a great cycle! You can read Chapter updates and learn about upcoming Chapter Events in the newsletter.

Let’s keep on ‘fueling’ the joy in this amazing work!

Robin Phillips
President, iZōsh International

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