“For a woman living in extreme poverty, being in a savings group gives her agency.”

Robin Phillips, President of iZōsh International

Robin Phillips, President of iZōsh International, recently had the opportunity to speak during a World Vision ‘Made To Thrive’ event about how savings groups are the dynamic engine that can help lift people out of extreme poverty. The THRIVE model used by VisionFund, World Vision’s Microfinance arm, has been a powerful vehicle to support families economically to break the cycle of poverty. iZōsh Chapters are modeled after a savings group, used as part of the THRIVE model, with the aim of helping provide agency to women living in extreme poverty.

Click on the link to the event recording below and tune in at minute 39:00 to listen to what Robin has to share! Start from the beginning to hear from other experts from World Vision about the global state of extreme poverty and how it is being addressed by economic empowerment.

Made to Thrive Event Recording

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