2019 was a banner year for the iZōsh ministry! Across our three Chapters, a total of 168 women were granted micro-loans, thanks to more than $47,700 in total gifts.

Our newest Chapter in Birmingham, Michigan held its inaugural Event in March, with Robin Phillips, one of the founders of iZōsh, as the keynote speaker.




Dr. Alain Mukwege from the Democratic Republic of Congo was a keynote speaker for both the Ann Arbor Chapter’s Spring Event and the Birmingham Chapter’s Fall Event. Dr. Mukwege shared about his work in Panzi Hospital and the challenges of healing women, both physically and emotionally, who have been victims of war crimes.


The Ann Arbor iZōsh Chapter coordinated its Events to coincide with International Women’s Day in the spring and International Day of the Girl Child in the fall. The keynote speaker for the fall was Lillian Covington from Opportunity International and she started her talk by presenting each table with different scenarios faced by women and girls in extreme poverty. Throughout the evening, iZōsh members learned about the extreme impact of micro-loans in the women’s lives.



For their Spring Event, the iZōsh Maine Chapter hosted Allison Shigo, founder of Healing Hands of Joy. Allison and her portfolio manager, Makda Teklemichael were able to give attendees an intimate look into the lives of many of the women that were funded that night. In the fall, the Maine Chapter’s Event had an agriculture theme, with Abusana Micky Bondo from the Democratic Republic of Congo who spoke about the challenges women farmers face in her country.


At all three Chapters, attendance and membership grew with each Event. We look forward to seeing the impact these ministries will have in 2020! Please plan to attend a Spring Event in Ann Arbor on March 13, Birmingham on April 17, or Falmouth, Maine on April 6.

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