Why our Events Matter…

Please read the beautiful email from Makda Teklemichael, who spoke as part of Allison Shigo’s presentation at our Maine Chapter’s April 2019 Event.

Dear iZosh,

On behalf of Healing Hands of Joy’s staff, I would like to say THANK YOU to iZosh for all the continued support you are providing to our Safe Motherhood Ambassadors in helping to transform their lives by economically empowering them. I have attached a thank you photo taken with the recent graduates of the 58th Class of Safe Motherhood Ambassadors from Healing Hands of Joy’s Bahir Dar Rehabilitation Center.

To give you flavor of the graduation, here is a beautiful social media post by HHOJ Board Chair, Cindy Breilh, who attended the graduation along with her family and Allison.

“A HEALING Graduation – Today 18 women from 18 to 53 years graduated as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors. Each one is remarkable and courageous. Most all have lost children because of obstructed labor and insufficient care at delivery. Each has endured surgery. Not all repairs are successful. Each made a commitment and received a certificate (most important), cell phone, radio, umbrella, teaching materials and walking shoes, empowering her to help pregnant women get to safe delivery and identify women with childbirth injury. We danced, shared coffee and popcorn, and washed and blessed their feet. Especially encouraging were the male family members who attended and received training about fistula and supporting the women they love. Some had wives in the program, and others were there for sisters or mothers. One husband is paraplegic and crawled to join the graduation. His wife has leprosy AND a repaired fistula AND a darling baby girl they clearly adore. The loan they will access through HHOJ will be a huge help toward additional family income. Feeling completely humbled and joyful tonight.”

Many Blessings to you all!!

Makda Teklemichael
Portfolio Manager
Healing Hands of Joy

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