Our next iZōsh event is Friday, April 22!

Our next iZōsh event is Friday, April 22!

Mark your calendars! Our next iZōsh event is just one month away, on Friday, April 22 at 7pm. In addition to gathering with friends to hear an incredible speaker and discuss a thought-provoking book, we’ll again be funding microloans in real time to women in extreme poverty across the globe.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.23.02 PM

To date, iZōsh has collected and loaned out $102,324 to women entrepreneurs working to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. We’re looking forward to significantly increasing that number on April 22.

Furthermore, in 2015 iZōsh gave another $15,698.65 in donations to Kiva‘s operating expenses. This is in addition to the loans we’ve made to Kiva borrowers: this was all money from loans that the entrepreneurs themselves have repaid! This is because Kiva treats its gifts as actual loans. Once the entrepreneur pays off her loan, that money is credited back to the donator. iZōsh donates that money to Kiva’s operating expenses, which then enables Kiva to help even more women in poverty, and the cycle continues!

And those of you who heard Opportunity International’s CEO Vicki Escarra speak will remember learning how well this model works to make an exponential impact. She explained that every dollar donated through Opportunity becomes $6 at work over five years. To date, iZōsh has donated $18,998 to Opportunity in microloans, which will turn into almost a $114,000 investment by the year 2020! This idea of “recycling” donated money is true for all the organizations iZōsh uses to fund microloans: Opportunity International, Kiva, and World Vision Micro.

Please plan to join us on April 22 as we make an impact on even more women’s lives. We’re looking forward to gathering, learning, giving, and celebrating the joy of empowering women!