Become a Part of iZōsh!

1. Join iZōsh by indicating your commitment and self-determined, confidential dues. Complete the Online Commitment Card or fill out the bottom part of the paper Commitment Card today and mail it to Attn: iZōsh Treasurer, Huron Hills Church, 3150 Glazier Way, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

2. Invite a friend and join us at our biannual events.

3. Be exposed to knowledgeable guest speakers at each meeting who will broaden our understanding of the sometimes life-threatening challenges faced by women in extreme poverty.

4. Submit the self-determined amount of money you have pledged to each meeting. You may do this by bringing your pledged amount to each iZōsh event in either cash or a check (made out to Huron Hills Church with iZōsh on the memo line). You may also, up to one day prior to the event, submit your money online via the Huron Hills Church website. Be sure to enter iZōsh as the specific fund. (Due to a lag in the system, gifts made electronically need to be submitted by one day prior to each Event in order to be included to fund loans for that Event.) Alternatively, you can mail your dues to: Attn: iZōsh Treasurer, Huron Hills Church, 3150 Glazier Way, Ann Arbor, 48105.

5. If you desire, propose recipients for micro-loans via email to within 36 hours prior to each meeting. Submit your recipients’ name, country and connecting organizations (such as, etc.). In this email, also include your name.

6. Vote with fellow members on the proposed recipients for the iZōsh loan(s) during the event. Majority rules on who receives the loan(s).

7. Celebrate with iZōsh members as the loans go out!

8. Micro-loan amounts made by iZōsh will go in full to the loan recipients through the organizations listed below. Note that iZōsh will not receive the loan amounts back but will authorize the amounts repaid to be re-loaned by the connecting organization.

9. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt from iZōsh in January following any year in which you made a donation, beginning in January 2016 for donations made in 2015.

  • For cash donations, your name must be clearly written on the dues envelope when the donation is submitted. Then, simply email the treasurer at with your name, address, and telephone number.
  • For donations made by check or online, receipts will be sent to the address on the check or associated with the online transaction.

10. Here are some connecting organizations to search for a woman recipient you may like to propose at a future meeting: