Economic Empowerment of Zambia (3:04)

VisionFund Presents: The CEO (3:34)

Sister Fa Raps About FGM (5:44)

Micro: How it works (2:04)

VisionFund Presents: Genevieve’s Story (3:51)

VisionFund: Our Impact (2:44)

The girl effect: The clock is ticking (3:05)

Learn about microfinance and how it can alleviate poverty – Good Return (3:25)

A History of Microfinance – Dr Muhammad Yunus (23:47)

Ana Serrano, Philippines (1:55)

Resilience (3:27)

VisionFund Presents: The Economic Ladder (1:23)

kiva micro loans making a difference in the 3rd world (2:18)

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