A Note from the iZōsh International President

Earlier this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day (March 8). Naming days such as this help us pause and remember women who are living in extreme poverty. We pause to celebrate their stories of bravery and perseverance, despite challenge.

Focus on FGM
We are also reminded of the women who live in cultures where FGM (female genital mutilation) is still prevalent– a challenge often seen in combination with extreme poverty. Over the years, iZōsh Chapters have educated themselves by going deeper on the topic of FGM with expert speakers such as Margo Day, Supporter of World Vision, CEO and Co-Founder of the Mekuno Project, and Jacquelline Ogega, Ph.D., World Vision Senior Director for Gender Equality & Social Inclusion.

Engaging with the stories of women living in cultures where FGM is still practiced helps us better understand our need to unite as women and support each other. Jackie Ogega’s memoir, Home is Us, tells us her mother’s story of how she protected herself and her daughters from harm. Her book has been recommended by iZōsh International, and discussed during iZōsh Chapter Events.

iZōsh International also recommends the award-winning short film, Messania’s Story, in which a woman shares her journey from a young girl, through her adulthood, and now as a grandmother. Messania powerfully explains how the pervasive practice of cutting can be halted.

iZōsh Chapters believe in the power of connecting, learning, giving and celebrating. We truly believe that microloans can empower women living in extreme poverty and that economic empowerment is part of the solution to end FGM!

Robin Phillips, President
iZōsh International

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