We’re delighted to introduce you to a new book, which we’ll be using for our book discussion at our next iZōsh® event on October 30th!

From Outrage to Courage is a wonderful resource written by Anne Firth Murray. This insightful and thought provoking book begins with an overview of the challenges facing women in extreme poverty, and then progresses through the life of a woman. Murray documents obstacles girls face as soon as they’re born, into childhood, and during adolescence. The book continues with chapters on motherhood and the realities faced by aging women around the world. In addition to research data and statistics, each chapter includes poetry and stories that bring the data to life. Murray also provides a wealth of information about organizations around the globe that are making a difference in the lives of women.

iZosh bookWe hope you’ll join us at iZōsh at the end of October so we can learn together, pool our resources, and make a difference in the lives of women in extreme poverty around the world. Our speaker, Margo Day, will be addressing the topic of ending female genitalia mutilation, and we’ll consider a short excerpt in From Outrage to Courage for our book discussion segment.

Because of the breadth and depth of this book, we’re sure to use it again in the future. New and used copies are available at Amazon, which provides this description of Murray’s work:

“From half a million women who die in pregnancy and childbirth to one out of three women suffering domestic violence worldwide, from 90 million girls who do not go to school to HIV/AIDS spreading fastest among adolescent girls, women around the world face unique health challenges. In this searing cradle-to-grave review, Anne Firth Murray tackles health issues from sex selective abortion and unequal access to food and health care to the challenges faced by aging women. Murray makes clear that the issues are social, ethical, and political much more than they are medical, and she goes further to provide hope that positive change can happen.”

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